Mike Neilson's Images


Assorted Images from my collection  


   I have photographed nature for over forty years and have used digital techniques exclusively since 1999. To me digital photography involves an intricate combination of the extraordinary powers of the digital SLR and the skills of post processing.  (I am absolutely convinced that if Ansel Adams was alive today he would be regarded as the master of Photoshop.)

   Although during my years as a graduate student at UNE and a faculty member at UAB my photographic style was purely documentary, I have evolved to a style in which I attempt to capture images that trigger a mood or hint at a story.   My background in the earth sciences still influences my work, but recent trips to Tanzania, Egypt, Peru, Ecuador and Europe  have added people and animal photography to my interests. 

   In addition to photography, my passions are classical music, sailboat racing and natural history.

   My intent is to display in this website some images of some of the places I have visited.  I have choosen to display just a few images from each location, rather than overwhelming you with many similar images.

   I can be reached at mike@mikeneilson.com or 205.591.8683


(Image by Al Fancher)